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Nos dedicamos a mejorar la vida de los compradores de viviendas y de los empleados y a contribuir a fortalecer las comunidades

After nearly 30 years of executive leadership roles in the mortgage industry, I have enormous passion for using what I have learned to create a better home lending experience for customers and employees with the goal of delivering real value for customers by providing great rates, trusted advice and extraordinary service. This has meant that we do things differently at HomeFactor! We are employee-owned and operated with a focus on consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations and paying our employees based on how well they perform in the eyes of our customers. We are committed to sourcing and effectively training new talent, especially women and minorities to better serve our communities, and we believe in standing behind what we promise. If our customers aren’t satisfied, we do everything possible to make it right and reimburse their first mortgage payment with us. Our decision making is guided by our core values of Trust, Courage, Family, Service, and Hope. I hope you will scroll down to read more about how they truly set us apart. We are here to help and below, you can also learn about the critical role of our Home Mortgage Advisors who are available in all the markets we serve to provide expert advice to help you obtain the best home financing for your unique situation. It is our pleasure to serve you!
Anthony (Tuck) Reed,
Presidente y Director General


Tuck Reed

Presidente y Director General

Hance Thurston

Director Financiero

Cheryl Nolda

Director de Crecimiento

Laura Kurtz

Jefe de producción

Floyd Dodson-Ridley

Director de Talento

John Hamman

Vince Vargas

VP Marketing Operations


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A single lie discovered is enough to create doubt in every truth expressed.
Trust is precious, hard-won, but easily lost, making it worth our life’s work.
We commit to earning trust through every action we take.


Change is inevitable, success is not.
We encourage a growth mindset; everything and everyone can improve.
Change often requires letting go of what made us successful in the past, and that takes tremendous personal courage.


A love of family is a powerful source of positive motivation and connects our actions today to the world we want for future generations.
We are deeply committed to promoting sustainable homeownership that provides families with comfort and protection and connects families to make communities.


"Todo el mundo puede ser grande porque todo el mundo puede servir" - Martin Luther King, Jr.
"La mejor manera de encontrarse a sí mismo es perderse en el servicio a los demás" - Mahatma Gandhi


A steadfast belief that our situations can improve through hard work and perseverance is foundational to our society.
We are committed to opening the extraordinary and life-changing opportunities in the mortgage industry to a new and more diverse group of people.

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Asesores hipotecarios para el hogar

Nuestros asesores hipotecarios son cuidadosamente seleccionados por su pasión por servir a los clientes y no se les paga exclusivamente por las comisiones, sino por la satisfacción general del cliente con las tarifas y el servicio. Buscamos atraer talento diverso, seleccionamos cuidadosamente las habilidades y el ajuste cultural, y formamos ampliamente en nuestra forma de hacer negocios, en nuestros valores y en nuestras expectativas de experiencia del cliente. Están ubicados en diversas geografías y conocen sus mercados y las comunidades inmobiliarias de los mismos. Están preparados para asesorarle, proporcionarle precalificaciones, preaprobaciones o ayudarle a solicitar la mejor hipoteca que le convenga. ¿Está interesado en saber más?