Anthony (Tuck) Reed

President and CEO

For nearly 30 years, I’ve been honored to hold leadership roles in every area of the mortgage industry. Along the way, my feelings for the mortgage business have grown from practical to passionate as I witnessed the enormous impact on families, communities and our country that comes from good – and bad – lending practices. Responsible lending is a weighty responsibility while serving customers well is a tremendous joy. I’ve created HomeFactor because it’s time to prepare a new generation to lead the mortgage industry and those leaders should be selected for their commitment to fostering trust and providing extraordinary service to all homeowners.

After helping to grow three of the country’s largest mortgage companies, I devoted several years in the aftermath of the financial crisis to advising our national policymakers on how to ensure that American home buyers never lose access to affordable home loans. In the process, I helped design a new direction for mortgage titan Fannie Mae and gained a deep appreciation for the importance of sustainable homeownership to the financial and emotional wellbeing of American families. I’ve been a frequent speaker on housing policy and the workings of the mortgage industry including being asked to testify before Congress. Eventually, I returned to my true passions – mentoring talented people and serving homebuyers – most recently as CEO of Southern Trust Mortgage which tripled its customers in 3 years and was voted among the top 10 mortgage companies to work for by its employees.

My passion for delivering extraordinary service, developing new talent and building a better mortgage industry comes from a love of family and a desire to create the sort of industry I’d like to see serve future generations. I have a BS/BA from the University of Richmond and an MBA from Wake Forest University (where I met my lovely wife.) My wife and I are proud to support cancer research, animal welfare, veterans and the arts. When not at work, I can be found farming and enjoying my family.

At HomeFactor,

we believe in…

  • PTrust before profit
  • PService before self
  • PGiving before receiving